Beyond The Garden Path

from by The Ephemerals

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The frost upon your window pane’s come early
The flowers that hide their buds away
Are turning in sympathy

All the things you said
They all come down on your head
Like your growing dread that the tears you shed
Will never be renewed

Did you think you’d tap the motherlode
Pollen from the ceiling rose
It keeps you going, I suppose
It’s not much to know
But it’s true

Once you sleep the morning’s going to take you
You blew the past and tomorrow’s going to blame you
And shame you

Be careful where you walk
Your nightmares see in the dark
As you tiptoe through the feral park
They’re waiting up for you

But peeping through the morning light
The fears that keep you up all night
That tell you you’re not living right
And laugh you might
But it’s true

I write again
This letter to my former self
The good-hearted kid
No goals to be met and life’s a gas
Tripping down the garden path
With no thought for what’s ahead

And then the setting sun
From spring into summer and autumn
And finally winter comes
The bountiful harvest
The goods from the woods
And the should and the coulds
Become dead and the duds
And all they say is
‘Son, thanks for showing up
Thanks for showing up
Thanks for showing up
Thanks for showing up’

So tell me
Do you think the world thinks less of you?
Oh tell me
Do you think the doorbell’s calling you?
Well maybe
Just maybe

The sky’s about to fall
You sit and stare at the wall
You need to go but you only stall
And the strength to fight is through

The ghost that haunts the house in you
Who wants to see the back of you
Keep telling him it’s your house too
He’ll laugh at you
But it’s true


from Love Songs From The Feral Park, released August 1, 2011




The Ephemerals Greater London, UK


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